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Author: fred
Tuesday, February 22, 2011
On Saturday we started a giveaway on the Altamont Facebook page for the new Baker skateboards bug series, done by Altamont art boss FOS. All you had to do was leave a comment and tell us which your favorite board graphic was.

We just picked the winners.

Andrew Reynolds board - Franklin Fraley
Andrew Reynolds!!!! As if there was any other comment to be said about him. Best skater in the world. Why? because dude can frontside flip like there is no tomorrow! He as also as real as it gets. But again as usual Fos has to be one of the best graphic artists out there. STAY GOLD!!!!& Thank You Fos!!!!!!!

Bryan Herman board - Felipe Oddlife Gonzalez
The Herman graphic is toooooo down i mean look at that roach all chill and shit on his little ball of greeeeeeeeens. Hands down the funniest in my eyes

Justin "Figgy" Figueroa board - Christian Madsen
I like the Justin Figueroa board because the bottle of blood is so clever. I love graphics that look like something I'd draw. Accessible art is appealing. Nice choice of blood red, too. This is one of the best series of boards I've seen.

Sammy Baca board - Mariusz Chapman
Sammy Baca (latin Samiccus Baccasus) A bug from Baker Anthropod family. Can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada and sometimes in other places with dry climate. His environments are the most gnarliest pools and concrete parks. It's hard to live but this bug deals with it with no problems. The best bug specialists are agreeable with one thing - this bug is born to shred. He's very enjoyable to watch but beware! Samiccus Baccasus is extremely toxic!

Braydon Szafranksi board - Mark Cultice
Braydon's graphic is the best! Getting Higher than a wasp but still holding it down with the mickey 40's smashing! Dirty BIZ FA LIFE! Vegas Love!

Kevin "Spanky" Long board - Scott Yates
Kevin Long's deck is sick! Primo work FOS, the whole series gives me the itches. Spanky's deck is the perfect size, plus he rides goofy. The natural wood makes me feel like I may see this bugga on my moms kitchen floor. 
Keep bringing it BAKER and team pros.

Don "Nuge" Nguyen board - Brad Sasser
I like that Nuge deck. That guy is a legend! I have always liked his style. So smooth and effortless. Plus the deck is green room as f**k and the perfect size for my big feet. And I'm broke and could use a new ride. Baker4Life

Dustin Dollin board - Cameron Ancheta
Dollin's board because that bug just doesn't give a fuck. It's still drinking after throwing up a shitload.

Jeff Lenoce board - Rob Walters
Gotta have that Lenoce deck, dudes a Baker OG and kills the streets. The ants got mad style like Lenoce and blazing some fine greenery

Terry Kennedy board - Tim Joy
Terry Kennedy's graphic definitely stands out. Everyone's drinking or smoking and he's just meditating. It's pretty dope. But then again all the decks are fresh haha. Sick job guys. Keep it up!

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