Garrett Hill High Ollie Invite
Contest next week in Las Vegas.
Author: fred
Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Altamont contributor Garrett Hill is one of the pro's that got invited to Maloof High Ollie challenge, next Monday and Tuesday in Las Vegas, NV. The semi finals will be held at the Magic tradeshow at The Mandalay Bay on Monday February 14th at 3pm. The finals will be the next day in the Palms hotel at 3pm.

In the last few weeks 14 skateshops across the USA held a highest ollie contest.
Each winner is flown out to Las Vegas this weekend to enter the semi finals on Monday.

Maloof high ollie challenge from on Vimeo.

Pitcrew in Washington DC: Darren Harper & Benji Ross TIE 41 inches ollie.
Skatepark of Tampa in Tampa, FL: (Altamont flow rider) Dylan Perry 37 inches ollie.
MIA skateshop in Miami, FL: Paul Sakoff 37 inches ollie.
Skateworks in Santa Cruz: Jani Jantunen, from Finland 36 inches ollie. Runner Up Zach Wallin 35 inches ollie.
Endless in Wichita, KS: Cameron Padilla 32 inches ollie.
NJ Skateshop: Mac Johnson 39 inches ollie.
Escapist in Overland Park, KS: Bryson 40 inches ollie.
Cal's Pharmacy in Portland Oregon: Mikey Burton 42 inches ollie.
Index in Kennedale, TX: Ryan Stalsby 37 inches ollie.
Familia in Minneapolis, MN: David James ?? inches ollie.
Liberty in Brea, CA: Jace Cimabue 38 inches ollie.
Reign in Doylestown, PA: Kyle Frederick 35 inches ollie.
Cowtown in Tempe AZ: Christian Malouf 43.5 inches ollie.
Val Surf in North Hollywood, CA Brett Sube 39 inches.

Maloof High Ollie Contest - North Hollywood (via Val Surf) from vsboards on Vimeo.

You could also submit a video. The winner from that was Roy Robin with a 41 inches ollie.

See you all in Las Vegas next week! Gonna be an interesting contest.