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Altamont Taking Over Palm Springs

November 28, 2010 by fred

On Saturday December 4th we are joining forces with Emerica to support the annual Palm Springs contest organized by Epidemic skateshop. Call Epidemic at 760-770-4177 to sign up or be at the skatepark around 10am. See the flyer for more info. And there might even be some Altamont teamriders at the event....

Palm Springs skatepark
401 South Pavilion Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262

After the skateboard contest the 21 and over crowd can enjoy a DJ set from Altamont contributors No Age at the Ace Hotel, a few blocks away from the Palm Springs skatepark. It's a free show so all you have to do is show up! Epidemic even got a special rate for you so you can stay the night at this killer hotel. See the flyer for more info.


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