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Neckface Giveaway Winners

November 9, 2010 by fred

With the NECKFACE 'Into Darkness' show we had some giveaway contest going on the Altamont blog, Twitter and Facebook.

The first one was for the super limited Altamont X NECKFACE t-shirts. You had to leave a comment on the the blog post.
Here are the winners: Grayson Capelo (comment #2), JCTM (comment #11), Kyle (comment #19) and Thomas (comment #22).

One the Altamont Twitter you had to retweet a post to win the Altamont X NECKFACE Into Darkness t-shirt.
The winners for these are: @Cris_Meda, @_LoveLaughLive_, @DizzyDaveH

And then we did a giveaway contest on the Altamont Facebook where you had to leave a comment on the post that showed the Altamont X NECKFACE Into Darkness coozies.

The winners from these coozies are: Quinn Wins, Eric Robinson, Ela Locke, Nick Nifakos, Zachary Micheal Ogren.

Email us at to claim your prize!
Thanks to everyone for entering these giveaways! Keep checking this blog, Twitter and Facebook for more giveaways in the future....


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