Neckface Into Darkness Photos
The first photos surfaced from the darkness.
Author: fred
Monday, November 1, 2010
Last night Altamont contributor NECKFACE held an opening reception for his new art show called 'Into Darkness'. A haunted house, a mini ramp, free beer, art and a lot of people in costume. Around 10.30pm it got shut down by the cops. All in all a good party. Here are some photos.

The line outside got pretty long. Thanks for your patience if you were in it.

The haunted house was worth the wait though....

Altamont art director FOS embraced the darkness a long time ago so he felt right at home.

Beagle, Jon Dickson and The Nuge.

Brian 'Slash' Hansen easily had the best costume of the night. Kenny 'fucking' Powers!

Justin 'Figgy' Figueroa and a friend.

A heated session went on all night.

NECKFACE art is always entertaining.

More NECKFACE art, more fun.

Into Darkness. Those who know will know.

Ty 'Motherfuckin' Evans was filming all night.

Who gives a fuck?

All photo by Jeremy Adams from The Skateboard Mag.