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Sunday NECKFACE Art Show Opening Reception

October 29, 2010 by fred

Don't forget! This Sunday, October 31st, Halloween 2010.

Opening reception of the new art show from NECKFACE.
Skate demo with Altamont/Baker/Deathwish teams, haunted house and art show.
Where: Oh Wow gallery, 101 S. La Brea Av, Los Angeles, CA.
Time: 7pm till 11pm.
Free entrance, all ages.

After party with The Goat & The Occasional Others
Where: Three Clubs, 1123 Vine St, Los Angeles, CA.
Free entrance, 21 and over only!

Altamont is also doing a limited run of NECKFACE “Into Darkness” t-shirts for this event that will be available that night.
If you don't live in the LA area and you want to get this shirt (for free), leave us a comment why you should get it. We'll pick a few winners on Monday! Make sure you write down your size as well. (S, M, L, XL)

Here's a little reminder of what to expect on Sunday....

Neckface opening reception Haunted House LA October 31, 2010 from Altamont Apparel on Vimeo.

And here's the flyer one more time.


  1. said (3 years ago)

    Neckface x Altamont = Dope!

  2. said (3 years ago)

    I think I should get a shirt because the only person who loves beer, hot cheetos, and creepy shit might be Nasty Neckface....or Gary Busey.

    Size XL

  3. said (3 years ago)

    Because I'm wearing an Altamont t-shirt right now!

  4. said (3 years ago)

    Never got a neckface collab with Altamomont and always wanted to go to his art shows. XL size.
    Anyway he's a big influence to me since hes from my hometown and his artwork went big with some of my favorite companies. Funny thing is when I was small these little kids claimed neckface as they're "gang" when I was 12 and I was like what kind of gang is that? Later on around 13 or 14 i used to always see him walking down Alexandria street every few other days. My friend said he bumped into him once. So yeah just a bit of a story I thought to share with you guys. I also heard he tore the fuck out of Tokay High with his art

  5. said (3 years ago)

    Bad ass!

  6. said (3 years ago)

    Baker, Emerica, Altamont, Shake Junt for life.

  7. said (3 years ago)

    i think i should get this shirt because neckface is fuckin dope!!!! all his styles and his charectors are sick as fuck and i like how he juss goes ot in the strees and juss fucks shit up with his art and lettin everyone know that hes been there...NeckFace All Day!

  8. said (3 years ago)

    I was actually gonna drive down there from northern california to skate and go to this but due to school and not having enough money, i cant... thats why i would love to have one of these sick neckface shirts!!
    Size Medium


  9. said (3 years ago)

    because i would rather rock some altamont gear than some other stuff in my closet

  10. said (3 years ago)

    Comone Zach xl foreals? gimmie one cuz i got them alty out right now.! and i got neckface child shirt and other neckface altamont shirt with bloody graphic cmone hook me up again i

  11. said (3 years ago)

    I think I should get it cuz I think Neckface's art is the best shit to hit the streets since the pogo stick! (size-small)Last years halloween show here in mia was tits by the way.
    Good looks Altamont!

  12. said (3 years ago)

    To Iavan, I wear XL because I am pretty tall, although I fit into certain Larges "just normal" Altamont shirts in L are pretty good though. I always go with XL though my No Age x Altamont shirts are a tad bit too long

  13. said (3 years ago)

    medium thank you

  14. said (3 years ago)

    NastyNeck is a dirtdog...his pieces are filthy and that's truth...medium please ;)

  15. said (3 years ago)

    altermont is the shit as is halloween . i want to be at this event so bad .this show is going to be fuckin ridiculase!!!!! yesneckface .medium in shirt size .

  16. said (3 years ago)

    idc if i win a shirt or not but neckface has the most creative art this century i hope there is more to come

    size XL

  17. said (3 years ago)

    i dont live in the us and shops dont sell altamont product where i live... so i'd really love to have one.. size XL

  18. said (3 years ago)

    I want one 'cause the last two Neckface collabos that weren't available to the public weren't so attainable! LARGE!! BLOOOOOD IN

  19. said (3 years ago)

    Because I live in the middle of nowhere and I can't buy altamont clothing anywhere around me.


  20. said (3 years ago)

    so i can dress differently than all the douches I have to go to school with. (medium)

  21. said (3 years ago)

    i should win a shirt because i beat my kids. XL

  22. said (3 years ago)

    because my mom asked me why i dont wear any other brand, large

  23. said (3 years ago)


  24. said (3 years ago)

    Fuzz from lafayette ? lowkey huh hahaha

  25. said (3 years ago)

    i think i should get a shirt because i see neckface in my nightmares.

  26. said (3 years ago)

    get buck! sickest shirt ever!!!! large

  27. said (3 years ago)

    Ps beat your kids!!
    If I do bring home the king diamond gold
    Medium sized shirt!

  28. said (3 years ago)

    because i piss on toilet paper rolls in public bathrooms too... XL

  29. said (3 years ago)

    dude i live in the area but i got fucked over man i couldnt get a ride none of my freiends wanted to go im 17 fuck i love baker deathwish altamont and neckfaces are my halloween was fucked im an xl green passion

  30. said (3 years ago)

    because neckface is favorit artist all of his painting are the shit and altamont cloths are the best out there

  31. said (3 years ago)

    I played slot machines with Neckface in Australia at the Gaslight after his public debut at RPRSNT in 2005, plus you need someone repping it in OZ. XL yeeha

  32. said (3 years ago)

    free shirt pweasee :)
    sm or med

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