Altamont Holiday 2010 Collection
Featuring Pinkyvision, Pushead and Fucked Up.
Author: garry
Monday, October 25, 2010

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Check out the brand-new Altamont Holiday 2010 Collection, featuring:

Pinkyvision for Altamont.

Pinkyvision for Altamont

Pinkyvision is now! Hey friends, Pinky is the artist from England with the big, bad hair, the Technicolor dreams and the psychedelic visions. Pop goes the weasel!

Products in the Pinkyvision Collection include:

Altamont Dark Nightmare t-shirt
Stay High t-shirt
Never Yawn t-shirt

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Pushead for Altamont

The name Pushead is synonymous with the macabre, but it's not a death thing for the San Francisco-based illustrator. "I see skulls as your inner person, as everyone has one." His intricate and intense artwork first exploded in the early 1980s on toxic, genre-defining album covers and t-shirts for bands like The Misfits, Metallica, Prong, Cavity, Rush, Soundgarden, Dr. Dre, Cocobat and Dr. Octagon, as well as skateboard brands Zorlac, Conspiracy, Zero, and Thrasher magazine, to name but a few. Still, Pushead is more than the iconic artist; in addition to being the singer and songwriter for legendary hardcore thrash pioneers Septic Death, he’s a record label owner and influential writer within the hardcore punk and thrash metal scenes. If there’s a lesson to be found in the trailblazing history and prodigious output of Pushead, it’s this: don't be afraid to reveal your inner person, because we're all made up of the same hardware inside.

Products in the Pushead Collection include:

Pushead Zip hood
Twin Skull t-shirt

Fucked Up for Altamont.

Fucked Up for Altamont

Fucked Up formed in Toronto in 2002, high-school friends influenced by first- and second-wave hardcore bands like Minor Threat and NOFX. It was instantly apparent that they were not carbon-copy punks. Known by bizarre aliases, Fucked Up employ creative methods of spreading information & misinformation. Basic facts are constantly in flux. It is unclear how many of their 7"s have actually been released. Rumors about Fucked Up circulate like wildfire among their obsessive fans. The bottom line is that this band could only come out of hardcore, but they are now making music like no hardcore band in history. Though Fucked Up remain punks at heart - if quixotically diverse ones - they continue to create great, weird, heavy records that stubbornly stick in your brain and your heart.

Products in the Fucked Up Collection include:

FU Altamont t-shirt

Andrew Reynolds for Altamont.

Andrew Reynolds for Altamont

Products in the Andrew Reynolds Collection include:

A.Reynolds Alameda Cord pants
A.Reynolds Alameda Signature denim
A.Reynolds Pico Overdye denim
A.Reynolds Wilshire Signature denim
Shyster flannel shirt
Wailer woven shirt

Bryan Herman for Altamont.

Bryan Herman for Altamont

Products in the Bryan Herman Collection include:

B. Herman Signature Jacket

B. Herman Wilshire Signature denim

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Garrett Hill for Altamont

Products in the Garrett Hill Collection include:

G. Hill Wilshire Slouch denim

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Brian "Slash" Hansen for Altamont

Products in the Brian "Slash" Hansen Collection include:

B. Hansen Wilshire Signature denim

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Also, don't miss the loads of other brand-new denim, hats, hoods, jackets, knits, pants, shorts, sweaters, t-shirts and wovens in the Altamont Holiday 2010 Collection! Choose your favorites right now and buy 'em down at your favorite local stockist.