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Skate Rock Video: Thrasher Part 1

September 7, 2010 by altamont1001

Skate Rock 2010: ATL
First in a week-long series of Thrasher video episodes, featuring Day One in Atlanta: "The Boss took the crew straight to the five block and the trip was on. Part 2 in Raleigh, NC tomorrow..."

Stay tuned for more episodes from Thrasher and the full length Altamont Skate Rock Tour video filmed and directed by Ty Evans for Altamont coming this Friday!


  1. said (3 years ago)

    Mine isnt working, I'll try to update flash or something if theres an update.

  2. said (3 years ago)

    Bad embed code. Fixed now. Thanks Zach!

  3. said (3 years ago)

    No prob. Thanks for fixing it.

  4. said (3 years ago)

    That dbl front heel and Kenny sick style dude, etc... Anyway this is very good! Looking forward to the other ones!

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