Altamont Carcass Artwork
Protect ya neck with some Altamont ink.
Author: fred
Sunday, August 8, 2010
Keith F. out of Mesa, Arizona, posted this photo of himself on the Altamont Facebook. Talk about being a dedicated Altamont fan!

Keith F. from Mesa, AZ is a dedicated Altamont fan!

Here's what Keith wrote us when we asked him to email us the photo:

"Whats going on Altamont! I got this tattoo, not only to represent the best company in the game, but to represent a lifestyle. A counter culture lifestyle, I'm putting on for people that are willing to stand up for change! : ) I would elaborate more but Im kinda at work : / hahaha!
Keep up the awesome work and keep pumping out those threads!!

Thanks for the dedication and love Keith, we'll be sending you a box with some fine Altamont threads soon.
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