One Way Or Another Article In New Color Mag
Tour report in Canadian magazine.
Author: fred
Monday, August 2, 2010
A little over 2 months ago Altamont art director FOS went on tour across the United States with a van full of fellow artist and skateboarders. They did an art show in Los Angeles, CA and Austin, Texas and skated tons of spots in between. The latest issue of Color magazine, issue 8.3, has an article about the trip.

Here are a few sneak peaks, get the magazine for more!

And besides the tour article FOS also wrote an article about the Osaka Daggers, his favorite skateboard crew in Japan led by Chopper. Read the full article in the magazine, here is once again a sneak preview.

Thanks again to the great people at Color magazine and co-curator Isaac McKay-Randozzi for the cover and the sneak peaks.