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Tropical Punch Tour: Thailand Part 8
Climbing to the top of Ko Phi Phi Don.
Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010
Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Remember that time you told me to take a hike? Well, I finally did it today. I went on a nice, long, hella strenuous climb up the steepest stairs ever to the first of three viewpoints on Ko Phi Phi Don. This spot, which doubled as someone's house and a cold drink stand, offered a set of stone steps and wooden benches for a comfortable view of the twin bays. Another five-minute trek up a concrete walkway brought me to viewpoint two, another house / drink stand affair with picturesque boulders to sit on and take in a far superior view. A final 10 minute hike on a dirt trail through the jungle brought me to the third viewpoint at the highest point on this side of Ko Phi Phi Don. The view was nice, but everything just looked further away and off to one side. Viewpoint two was definitely the best of the bunch.

With my shirt and hat completely saturated with perspiration, I made my descent and got some grub at a food stall down in the isthmus maze. One of the ladies who worked there, named Aoi, flirted with me big time, asking me all kinds of questions about myself with a big smile on her face the whole way. A while later when I was just walking by her stall, I smiled and pointed my hat at her (I was carrying it), and she smiled and pointed a stick of corn-on-the-cob back at me. I went back later for dinner and another visit, but she had gone home for the day.

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