Email Of The Day July 2010
Shit your brains out and get a girl right after.
Author: fred
Monday, July 19, 2010
Ed from Berkley, Michigan filled in the contact form and to share this cool story with us here at Altamont.

We liked it so much that the message was chosen to be the email of the day. Read it, laugh and learn.

"I have no envelope right now so I gotta beg for stickers here. It says interesting message so I'll tell you a story. So one time I had some delicious Italian food and went to hang out with some girls, one of whom I really liked. I'm hanging with her and my stomach gives me the worst pain ever.

I knew I was about explode fecal matter everywhere so I peaced and ran home across town. Then as I get near my house, I pass the football field with a bathroom. I open the door and shit all in my pants. I had to ditch my boxers and socks cause it leaked to my feet. I ran home and while running, I pass the girl I liked who was heading to my house at that moment to see me, I run by and yell "See you in 15 minutes!".
I hauled ass to my house and I shit my brains out (i have no clue how i still needed to shit after the poo explosion at the football field). I then change clothes and hangout with the girl. I asked her out that day and she said yes.

So to recap, I shat my pants and got the girl. Booyah!"

Thanks for the educational message Ed. From poo in your pants to a girl in your hands!
An envelope with stickers will be in your mailbox soon. Thanks for sharing.