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Garrett Hill Real Street Video Part And Interview

July 15, 2010 by fred

Altamont's own Garrett Hill is one of the 12 skateboarders that was picked to sent in a 60-second video clip for the new X Games Real Street contest. This is a video contest only, so don't worry, Garrett won't have to skate in the crazy obstacle madness at the X Games.

Beginning July 25, you'll be able to vote for the Fan Favorite before all 12 clips are shown on the X Games 16 TV broadcast Sunday, Aug. 1. A panel of pros will award $50,000 and a gold medal to the winner. Check and see his video part.

Also check out the interview the X Games did with Garrett and read for yourself why he wants to buy a Cadillac if he wins the $50,000 check.


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