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Tropical Punch Tour: Singapore Part 6

June 27, 2010 by garry

Sunday, June 27, 2010
Lau Pa Sat, Singapore

After the past several activity-filled days, I rested for most of the afternoon. I took my own sweet time performing morning chores and extended them into the afternoon, then did the web thing for a spell. An hour before sunset, I rode a subway down to Lau Pa Sat, a century old food hawker center, and bought a plate of spicy veggies and rice. Then I took a stroll around the Marina Bay area, which offers some hella impressive views of the downtown skyline--especially at night. Those massive skyscrapers really loom over you!

I walked inside the lobby of the Marina Bay Sands to see how much it would cost to ascend to the observation deck, but $15 for an elevator ride was way past my $3o per day budget. Instead, across the river, I found a set of magical, colorful stepping stones that lit up like a Christmas tree, and walking across them was free! Yippee! Then I shot some photos of the Helix Bridge and headed back to my room. I forgot to mention that due to a misunderstanding about my reservations, I had to leave the Inn Crowd on Saturday, and got another dorm bed a half block away at the Prince of Wales. It's a similar place, but there's a bar downstairs instead of a chill out room.

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