Tropical Punch Tour: Singapore Part 2
A skyscraper-spotting walk around City Centre.
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
City Centre, Singapore

By the time I was ready to get going today, an intense afternoon downpour stopped me in my tracks. So, I threw on my rainjacket and walked a couple of blocks down to a web joint for a two-hour visit with Mr. Blog. As soon as we grew weary of each other and the sky finished dumping its load, I embarked on a dazzling skyscraper-spotting sojourn. Singapore has its fair share of the things, more are being built every day, and when this small country goes big, the results are oversized constructions of epic proportions.

After a plate of so-so spicy noodles from Zam Zam, I walked from the Kampung Glam neighborhood down to the City Centre, which is basically a gigantic garden of tall buildings ripe for your viewing pleasure. I made my way through an icy cold Raffles shopping mall then down inside a pedestrian underpass that opens into a wide marble passageway where kids practice breakdancing. I ended up at Marina Bay, which offers an excellent view of a big crowd of skyscrapers in the financial district.

I also got an eyefull of the Marina Bay Sands, an odd design that looks like a hurricane tossed a ship up on top of three high-rise buildings. This place puts on quite a light show, complete with choreographed flames that occasionally shoot 100 feet straight up out of a lower bowl-shaped section. By the time I walked back up to Little India, I was all tuckered out, so I ate a palm leaf full of spicy Indian food then called it a night.

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