Some more Theotis and Slash sequences from Maloof Money Cup
Since we know you like the crispyness of Theotis Beasley and rawness of Slash!
Author: fred
Tuesday, June 8, 2010
Kickflip backtail to fakie with a dude that is pretty much ruining the end!
Theotis Beasley kickflip backside 50-50

Frontside flip Theotis style, just check the flik and the catch!
Theotis Beasley buttery frontside flip

Slash locks into a backside tailslide for the masses in NYC
Brian Slash Hansen Backside Tailslide at Maloof Money Cup NYC

Thanks to media wizard Rob Brink for sending these over.
And check out the Skatepark of Tampa website for a whole lotta more snapshots of the MMC NYC!