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Email of the Day!

June 8, 2010 by altamont1001

Today's Email of the Day comes to us from Corey in Fontana, California...

"I just left an Active store and while I was there I saw your add (sic) with Slash and the dog taking a shit. I don't think of myself as a prude but, I sure am glad that I did not come in with my 10 year old son. If where this country is headed is to have dogshit being popular and make me want to wear clothing that is promoted by dogshit that is messed up. You can be sure that no one in my family will wear any clothing promoted by dogshit. But, the add (sic) did work in one respect, I have talked about it since we left the store."

And for those of you who may have missed it. Here's the ad that caused Corey to ponder the future and direction our country is heading...

Hmm...OK, well, I guess we'll just have to consider this ad a filter for potential Altamont customers. A test, so to speak. One that Corey failed. It appears that Altamont is not the brand for Corey. However, if there are others out there like us that can't help but to crack a smile whenever they see a dog awkwardly doing the dirty in public, then Altamont could be for them.

And since we're on the topic of the future: to be honest, Corey, we're not sure if we even want to live in a country where we've all become so uptight that the site of a dog doing what comes naturally in public no longer puts a smile on the face, if in fact that's the direction we're heading.

...Yeah, right. That's unpossible!


  1. said (3 years ago)

    hahahah tottally agree with altamont!

  2. said (3 years ago)

    corey i live in fontana too. give me your address so i can take a shit on your lawn

  3. said (3 years ago)

    my dog shits all the time, daily in fact! and i think it's hilarious every single time, and am usually wearing Altamont while i pick it up!

  4. said (3 years ago)

    I like when I see a dog taking a shit in public. It gives me an opportunity to pull down my altamont wilshire herman jeans, which I proudly rock with no underwear, and shit alongside the dog. Its kinda like a bonding thing... Man and nature. After all, we're animals too. Its healthy to let it all hang out sometimes. usually the owner of the dog will have a plastic bag to put my poop in and that's cool too.

  5. said (3 years ago)

    Well, this e-mail put some mental caffiene in me right now, I'm tired as fuck too.

  6. said (3 years ago)

    if your afraid of your 10 year old son seeing a dog shitting, your blowing it.

  7. said (3 years ago)

    Corry aint down foR Alty!

  8. said (3 years ago)

    corry, you should get a glass stumic! that way you wont have to pull your head out of your ass!!!! you can can just see wear you are going!!! witch is hopefully a cliff!!! its people like you that should not be alowed to have kids, cuz they are just gana grow up and be just a big of a prick as you!!!

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