Tropical Punch Tour: Bali Part 8
Featuring Bina Ramaja at Ubud Palace
Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

I stopped by the Threads of Life Indonesian Textile Center, a little gallery that supports textiles from throughout the islands that are handmade with critically endangered dyeing techniques. Quite a few gorgeous, amazing-looking works were on display, plus more on the subject in the form of clips playing on a video screen and a shop with a few books. I spent a couple of more hours just roaming around trying to find the cheapest way up into the mountains. Since I've been sweating non-stop for a week now, I'd like to stay up there for a couple of days where it's cool and calm. I was stoked a bit later when I found a Pandang food joint, where I got a pile of tasty Sumatran veggies and a bottle of water, all for $1.50.

I headed back to Ubud Palace later for another show, this one performed by Bina Ramaja. It seems like the Legong is one of the most common dances in Ubud, as it was on the same bill as the Ramayana Ballet. Tonight's version was called Legong Jobog, which relates a tale about two brother Kings, Subali and Sugriwa, who wanted Princess Dewi Tara's magic power, but her father threw it into a river full of water that changes anyone who touches it into a monkey. Of course, Subali and Sugriws dove right in. The rest of the show consisted of the Ramayana Ballet, a version of the Hindu epic.

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