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May 5, 2010 by garry

Baltimore to Philly. A big thanks to Exit Skate Shop for Holding it down.


  1. said (3 years ago)

    Such a great time. You guys gave a bunch of my skater friends a reason to travel to Philly. I've got a sweet "skate rock" pic Childress drew on the wall, if you tell me where to send the pics, I'll send it your way. Thanks for bringing however many skaters were there together, and thanks to Steve at Exit for the venue.

  2. said (3 years ago)

    Why can't you just work on your Magazine... No one wants to see you on every Tour bro... Your face is to sketchy for that son.

  3. said (3 years ago)

    That shet was fun! Let's do it again.

  4. said (3 years ago)

    hell yeah holdin it down in philly and raleigh son!

  5. said (3 years ago)

    you guys should put some photos up from ridge, maryland!!!

  6. said (3 years ago)

    too many dicks on the dance floor

  7. said (3 years ago)

    man wut u talkin bout phelps is the shitt

  8. said (3 years ago)

    come to providence

  9. said (3 years ago)

    I'm still hoping to get my camera card back from this show... if someone still has it, hit me up. Good times.

  10. said (3 years ago)

    Thou shalt not come to here.

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