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Special Guest Roadies Announced for East Coast Skate Rock Tour

April 20, 2010 by garry

Featuring Bad Shit and The Goat & The Occasional Others

2 bands, 2 vans, 2 filmers and 2 photographers, over 24 skateboarders and 1 baby equals one insane tour!

The bands have confirmed their special guest roadies for the East Coast Skate Rock tour of duty, which kicks off Monday night in Athens, Georgia with Bad Shit and The Goat & the Occasional Others along with the entire Altamont skateboarding team.

Special guests:
Emanuel Guzman, roadie (Bad Shit)
James Hardy, roadie (Bad Shit)
Chet Childress, roadie (The Goat)
Chris Cole, roadie (The Goat)

Follow this link for tour dates, locations and your chance to win a complete Skate Rock prize pack!


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