Altamont Spring 2010 Collection
Featuring the Tim Kerr, Ralph Steadman and (invisible:man) collections.
Author: garry
Thursday, February 4, 2010
Check out the brand-new Altamont Spring 2010 Collection, featuring:

Tim Kerr

What are you doing to participate? That is the question asked by longtime legendary Texas musician and artist Tim Kerr. A founding member of pioneering hardcore band the Big Boys, who ignited intense audience sing-along and dance participation from 1979 to 1984, Tim has, in the quarter century since, continued to participate by playing guitar in a long list of obscure yet revered outfits.

Grunge pioneers Poison 13, the bluesy The Monkeywrench, the soulful Bad Mutha Goose, cover band Jack O' Fire, the '60s garage punk-inspired Lord High Fixers, the garage rhythm 'n' punk of the King Sound Quartet, and the soulful Now Time Delegation and Total Sound Group have all been maniacally infused by Tim's creative six-string slinging.

Not only has Tim played in these bands, he has probably recorded at least 10 times that for others own records. And all along, he's gainfully employed a paintbrush to render loving, text-adorned portraits of his mentors. Just another way to participate. So, start splashing some paint yourself, make a fanzine, invent your own clothing company, or, as the Big Boys always said, go start your own band! Your move.

(invisible: man)

Andrew Lee makes the cult favorite brand (invisble:man). Don’t think he’s riding a dark side trend – he started it. Ten years old now, (invisible:man) is admired by those who’ve created the history and smelled the rank underbelly of the streetwear beast…plus legions of followers worldwide who like Lee’s attention to detail and quality, and the fact that he never, ever compromises.

Lee has previously lent his collaboration design skills to brands like Stussy, Neighborhood, Real Mad Hectic, T-19, Kinetics and Mad Foot to name a few. He also owns and operates the strictly friends-and-family-brands-stocked mini-empire that is Commissary Stores in San Diego and Costa Mesa; the Commissary Bar / Gallery in Costa Mesa, and the (invisible:man) store back home the East Village of NYC. Now Andrew adds Altamont to his friends and family.

Ralph Steadman

In his early life, the United Kingdom's Ralph Steadman was held hostage by an overgrown insect known as the Great Bug of Creativity. Instead of trying to escape back into the creature comforts of the moribund workaday world, young Ralph eventually saw the light and wisely chose to become an artist instead.

Soon after, his star really began to rise. Ralph became well-known for his pictorial contributions to American author Hunter S. Thompson's writings. Together, they created gonzo journalism—an unpolished, exaggerated, profane form of literature that blends fact and fiction, and in which the reporter becomes a main character.

In the 1970s and '80s, Ralph's distorted, chaotic drawings perfectly mirrored Hunter's corrosive, stream-of-consciousness words in such gonzo classics as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in 1971 and the lesser-known The Curse of Lono in 1983. In print for only a short while, the latter was re-issued in 2005, due to Ralph's popularity, complete with a large number of his drawings and paintings.

Altamont is honored to partner with Mr. Steadman to bring you this special T-shirt series scarred by his infamously gonzo illustrations from the notorious Thompson novel, The Curse of Lono. Now, get bit by the Bug yourself, and go find your own author to draw for!

Add to this introductory signature pieces from Brian Hansen and Garrett Hill, joining brand-new items from Andrew Reynolds and Bryan Herman from our skate team, plus more from returning Altamont contributors Neck Face and No Age.

Also, don't miss the loads of other brand-new denim, hats, hoods, jackets, knits, pants, shorts, sweaters, t-shirts and wovens in the Altamont Spring 2010 Collection! Choose your favorites right now and buy 'em down at your favorite local stockist.

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