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Email of the Day: January 22, 2010

January 22, 2010 by garry

The following email arrived through the Altamont web site's contact form.

yo! we got a problem! i was at wendys the other dat , and this super prepy kid walks in wearing ae jeans, a holister shirt and an altamont hoodie!!!!!! what the fuck is up with that? we have to stop this from happening agen!!!!

--Ethan C.

Hm, well that's not good. We apologize for this unsightly scene developing in front of your eyes.

However, there is a solution to prevent future occurences. The following steps should help you get started:

  1. Buy a small pair of scissors, like the ones used to trim your moustache.
  2. Hide the scissors in your pocket and carry them around with you at all times.
  3. If you see any more goofballs like this disrespecting Altamont, you run up to them with the scissors and cut off the Altamont tags. You have to be quick though. If you have more time, just cut up their gear altogether. That'll teach em.

There! Three steps and it's solved!

Thanks for your message, Ethan.

--Altamont Help Desk


  1. said (4 years ago)

    It's because you guys price your merch so high that only preppy kids can afford it.

    I used to work at a skate/snow/surf shop and even with my discount a hoodie was still hella expensive.

    Don't blame the kids, it's all your prices.

  2. said (4 years ago)

    this probably wouldnt happen if they werent selling altamont in ccs. very disappointing to see

  3. said (4 years ago)

    yo jorge, all skate gear costs about the same as Altamont now. that argument doesn't work anymore.
    not to mention, Altamont prices have dropped. who cares where they sell it and who buys it? be proud that a company you love is makin' bank.

  4. said (4 years ago)

    I wish i was with you Ethan, haah I would have got quite heated myself. Where I live its trend/prep city, and I have yet to see any preps wear Altamont clothing

  5. said (4 years ago)

    If I learned one thing from Altamont, its that they appreciate diversity and set out to design exceptional clothing not everyone will like.

    The fact that you dislike this complete stranger without knowing him based on his "prepy" clothing is very idiotic. And judging by your comment, it sounds like the only reason you like Altamont is that they are "skater", and your small brain can't wrap around the idea that someone would wear something "prepy" and "skater" at the same time. Don't judge people and you won't be judged yourself. The world, your probably in this case, your middle school, will become a better place.

    If anything you should be happy that this "prepy" kid is giving Altamont money so Altamont will continue to grow even more especially in this recession we are in.

  6. said (4 years ago)

    actually jorge does have a point, the shirts not so much but near 80 for some jeans? damn, i mean i know its quality gear but i can get like 3 pairs of levis for that shit.

  7. said (4 years ago)

    yo you guys are doing sick things, just wanted to say that i am very sad that there are no shops close to me because i live in canada, please bring it north and keep doing what you're doing

  8. said (4 years ago)

    You got a good point bigcat, but anyway fuck preps and jocks. I just couldnt picture those ugly washed out ripped AE jeans and a Altamont sweatshirt.

  9. said (4 years ago)

    you talk a big gamw bigcat but i would bet my left nut that you dont have the balls to back it up!!! i like altamont cuz they are uniqe!! you are probly a trendy liitel fag that dose what ever is cool at the time! get off this web site altamont dont need haters like you maken a shit storm for on ther web site!! whats wrong with you? if all your gana do is bitch and whine, then just go away!! go pull your thong out of ass you littel girl!!

  10. said (4 years ago)

    first of all ethan c your saying "we dont need haters on the altamont website" well that just makes you sound dumb cause your fucking hateing!!! and second FUCK JOCKS

  11. said (4 years ago)

    This is a true story. I see this shit too. Its because skate gear is being sold in malls and not just core shops. They have Altamont at Urban Outfitters! Sole Tech should stick to core, not pac sun

  12. said (4 years ago)

    Ethan, sounds like you need to get laid buddy, your one angry kid

  13. said (4 years ago)

    ok seamus, well first off you a fag ans second, im not a hater i just have strong opinions and belives so you fuck off

  14. said (4 years ago)

    hey eithen I saw the same guy atwallmart!!!

  15. said (4 years ago)

    go smoke bitches

  16. said (4 years ago)

    it isn't even altamont's fault. they give their stuff to active, ccs etc. and those companies sell at their own price, not altamont's price. so why is everybody complaining?

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