Email of the Day: December 20, 2009
From Giovanni A.
Author: garry
Sunday, December 20, 2009
The following email arrived through the Altamont web site's contact form.

Hey, whats up, guys! I usually write you more often and I was the one who sent that letter with the naked Dallas girls. Ha-ha! Anyways, since the last time I contacted you, I had a major loss with my dad passing away on the sixth of November. My father is totally the reason I enjoy art, music, skating, and being as creative as I possibly can while I'm on this Earth. I have told you guys before my dream would be to grow hydro legally and intern and find a permanent position with Altamont. This is still my dream. I tried to get my dad involved in this dream by having him help me design a colorway for the Deathwish contest. Unfortunately, the jail he was in at at the time I sent him a letter sent it back, because I had pictures in it that were plastic and they couldn't let him have it.

When he got out, I moved him back in his house and talked to him about growing, because he was a very creative man who had grown in the past, as well. I told him about Altamont and receiving the package you guys sent me with the stickers and some of the apparrel, and for the first time, I think he realized how into skateboarding and art I really am. That was the last time i saw my father. I loved him so much and now he is gone. I am happy that I at least got the chance to let him know how passionate I am about skateboarding, music and art and how he influenced me so much in everything I do today.

Sorry for having to use you guys for a vent, but I am planning on doing a tribute tattoo and I want to use the Altamont font for it. Angelone will look so sick in that font--especially the A. So I was going to let you guys know that I really love your company and it means a lot to me. I know my dad would think it was sick to do it that way. Anyways, thanks to whoever reads this and I will have a video and pictures to send when I get it done. Thanks again for being such a sick company and keeping it real. It means a lot to me.

--Giovanni A.

Hey Giovanni,

Thanks for writing in. We're really sorry to hear about your dad passing on, but glad you got to spend some time with him and that he was such an inspiration to you. We're honored that you're going to use the Altamont font for your tattoo. Send us some photos when it's done!

--Altamont Help Desk