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Email of the Day: December 8, 2009

December 8, 2009 by garry

The following email arrived through the Altamont web site's contact form.

hey guys!

its me agen just telling you how amazing you guys are agen hahaha. at school today i almost knocked a kid [out] today cuz he was talking shit on altamont, if my teacher wasent their i would have laid him out! i plan on geting ALTAMONT tattooed on mt for arm wen i turn 18 next year! i cant wait!

peace out,

ethan c.


Thanks for standing up for Altamont. Send us a photo of that tat when you get it!

--Altamont Help Desk


  1. said (4 years ago)

    seriously, i love altamont! but wtf? you dont need to get a alamont tato? dude, you are fucking stupid... dont think that tat is kewl when you get older..

  2. said (4 years ago)

    Honestly, I would prolly get a big A somewhere on my back or chest. It's pretty much most influential clothing line I ever seen.

  3. said (4 years ago)

    damn, Zach, you must know absolutely nothing about clothing lines. the only way i could justify getting an A tattooed was if i had space to fill on a sleeve or large collage piece. be smart, kids. tattoos are expensive.

  4. said (4 years ago)

    get what you want

  5. said (4 years ago)

    fuck you idot!!! you can blow it out your ass!! ill do what ever the hell i wantso you should just go fuck u self

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