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Sammy Baca Thrasher Cover!

December 3, 2009 by garry

Congratulations to Altamont contributor Sammy Baca, who can be seen raging a mean crail slide across some fat-ass coping on the cover of the January 2010 issue of Thrasher. He also scored a sick Converse ad inside. Then dive into the overwhelmingly huge, mega-epic, 24-page "Lowlife" tour article featuring Sammy and the rest of the Altamont + Baker + Deathwish squads. Peep all of the burly photos and read about their encounters with "amateur rappers, pre-teen club promoters, slutty moms, hippies and even a few acid casualities." Dudes are killing it!


  1. said (4 years ago)

    heel YEAH SAMMYYYYY! keepin dat shit gudda!!

  2. said (4 years ago)

    this cover says it all... Black sabbath - never say die

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