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Tony Hawk: RIDE on Wii! Win It!

November 22, 2009 by garry

Tony Hawk: RIDE's motion sensing skateboard lets you control the action with your feet just like you're really skateboarding. Lift, tilt, and turn the board to pull off amazing tricks. The Casual difficulty setting makes the game instantly fun to pick up and play. Then move on to Confident and Hardcore modes for tougher challenges. RIDE six locations across the globe and master over 100 tricks, and explore the deepest create-a-skater ever in a Tony Hawk game. Get on board and RIDE. Enter your contact info on the contest page for a chance to win a Tony Hawk: RIDE video game on the Nintendo Wii platform! Two lucky winners will be chosen. Hurry, because this contest will RIDE away on December 1, 2009.


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