Win the 10.Deep Collection!
From Altamont and Scott Sasso.
Author: garry
Monday, November 16, 2009

Unwavering senses of collective individuality and personal strength are what birthed hip-hop, skate, punk and graffiti – and every youth movement of the last 30 years. Altamont Apparel Ltd. is proud to announce the release of the 10.Deep and Scott Sasso for Altamont Collection. Through gritty, utilitarian fashion pieces and critical, oft-provoking graphics, the 10.Deep collection continues to reflect the contrarian ideals of the cultural movements from which both brands were birthed.

The 10.Deep for Altamont collaboration by Scott Sasso continues this tradition. Taking cues from the namesake Altamont tragedy of 1969, Scott invokes the event and the era through motifs like a raceway checkerboard pattern, a bloody arm, psychedelic imagery and a reference to the infamous event security, or lack thereof. All these elements are incorporated with Scott’s signature 10.Deep attention to detailing and unique patterns to create a completely modern brand mash-up.

Enter your contact info on the contest page right now for a chance to win it all, including the Deep Hoody, Deep Woven, Deep Scarf, Deep Cap and the Security and Voyage t-shirts. The contest ends on December 14, 2009.