Linda Perhacs
A singer and songwriter who released one lone album of fragile, beautiful acid folk in 1970.
Author: garry
Sunday, November 15, 2009
Linda Perhacs

Linda Perhacs is a singer and songwriter who released one lone album of fragile, beautiful acid folk in 1970, then disappeared for the next four decades into the wonderful world of dentistry. I first heard said record, Parallelograms, in 1999 on a bootleg reissue CD. I recall the gorgeous singing and great depth of poetry and emotion on display brought tears to my eyes, and the occasional patches of otherworldly electronic effects set my head aloft into a mysterious, airy, lavender bog. I never guessed that this music would be played live a decade later, but, indeed, it did during Linda's first-ever public performance!

On October 7, 2009 at the REDCAT theater in the back of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles, Linda was joined by a cast of dozens of friends for a multi-media re-interpretation of Parallelograms. Encompassing music, dance, film and a slide show, the event produced a seemingly endless parade of unpredictable, modern and downright strange sights and sounds. In fact, the entire album was covered in a totally non-lame manner by quite disparate means, including gentle wafts of synth and vocals, a full-blown dance troupe, acoustic guitar-led ensembles, acapella vocals with a wine glass backing, an all-out rock band, a huge women's choir and so much more. It was a wonderful night of creativity that I'll never forget. I hope it comes out on DVD someday so others can experience it.

Timeframe: Post-Altamont

Public Impact: Although Linda Perhacs recorded her lone album in 1970, it wasn't until three decades later that it really took off and inspired a whole new generation of freak folk artists.

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