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Baker + Deathwish Low Life Tour 2009

July 27, 2009 by garry

All of you Southern-fried Baker and Deathwish heads better beware! Both teams will be traversing the lower half of the United States this Summer. Look for them at a shop or skatepark near you!

July 27 Cowtown, Glendale, Arizona
July 29 Crooks, El Paso, Texas
July 30 Goodtimes, San Antonio, Texas
July 31 Mustache, Austin, Texas
August 1 Southside Skatepark, South Houston, Texas
August 3 Rukus, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
August 5 Humidity, New Orleans, Louisiana
August 10 Ambush, Kennesaw, Georgia
August 11 New Gen, Easley, South Carolina
August 12 Sinister Cornelius, North Carolina
August 13 Exodus, Winston-Salem, North Carolina


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