Win the Bill Owens Collection!
Including the Acid $1, Naked Guy, Rollin' Stoned and Super Beetle t-shirts, plus the Rollin' Stoned hood and hat.
Author: garry
Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bill Owens (born 1938) is a world-renowned artist and photographer known for his 1972 classic photo documentary, Suburbia. Bill is now making digital movies and has a few more books up his sleeve. He is a father, a brewer, a gardener, and founder of the American Distilling Institute. For 17 years, he published America Brewer Magazine. His favorite toy is his Daisy BB gun and he recently spent three months driving across the USA to photograph the New Suburbia.

In 1969, Bill was on hand to document the concert at Altamont Speedway that would come to symbolize a turning point in youth culture. The Bill Owens for Altamont collection (pictured above) is comprised of some of those photos. Enter right now for a chance to win it! Just submit a photo in the form on the contest page of anything--a suburban scene, interesting-looking people or concert crowds, for example--and Bill Owens himself will choose a winner. The only rule is that you have to take the photo yourself. Time to get creative! Hurry, though, cuz this contest will shutter on September 4, 2009.