Email of the Day: June 16, 2009
From Nick B. of Chicopee, Massachusetts.
Author: garry
Tuesday, June 16, 2009
The following email arrived through the Altamont web site's contact form.

I'm from Chicopee, Massachusetts, a decent-sized city with a whole lot of diversity. I've been wearing only Altamont Apparel since the beginning of my freshman year (I'm going to be a junior in a few months).

Altamont is the most comfortable clothing I have ever worn. Currently, I own at least 20 Altamont t-shirts, and had 10 of your pants. The fit and feel is incredible. I just went to Theory (my local skate shop) yesterday and bought The Goat and the Occasional Others t-shirt, the Camoflage t shirt, and four stickers.

You have inspired me to begin my own company. It's called Alias Apparel. We have a few designs, and we're working on more. Alias will never come close in comparison to Altamont, and that's fine. I'm just glad to be doing what I love, skating and making clothes.

I just wanted to send you this email and say thank you for all of the inspiration. I appreciate it, and as long as you keep making the best fitting clothes in the world, I will continue to buy them.

--Nick B.
Chicopee, Massachusetts.


Thanks heaps for the mega-props and support for Altamont. Good luck with Alias. Never give up on your dreams.

--Altamont Help Desk