Rolling Stones Live at Altamont Tracks!
One of the largest rock disasters ever.
Author: garry
Thursday, May 28, 2009

Check out these mp3s of the Rolling Stones playing live at the Altamont Free Concert in Livermore, California on December 6, 1969. Billed as the "Woodstock of the West," and marred by violence incited by the Hells Angels motorcycle gang, it turned out to be "one of the largest rock disasters ever." Although the sound is super lo-fi and the bass and drums are barely audible, there's some nice banter and crowd sounds from this historic event--including a couple of songs that get interrupted by all of the chaos. When you're done listening, watch Gimme Shelter and contemplate the end of one era of youth culture--the idealistic 1960s--and the beginning of another, more realistic one.