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February 21, 2009 by garry

You may recall the news we posted a couple of weeks back regarding Spring 2009 Altamont contributors No Age's Grammy nomination for Best Recording Package. As it turned out, Metallica took home the award. Oh well, I guess our hoped for meal ticket to mainstream success and a big house on Easy Street just got delayed one more season. [Rolls eyes.]

Until then, check out this sweet article over on Pitchfork about the tight-knit friendship Altamont and No Age share, and another in which the LA Weekly proclaims No Age's album Nouns the number one LA recording of 2008! When you're done with all that, don't miss the official No Age for Altamont video parts one, two and three here on the site. Then go help stimulate the economy by buying some official No Age for Altamont t-shirts right now!


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