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Busy as a Bee: Tim Kerr
Mural at Eleven, Juice Mag interview and Ireland tour!
Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring 2010 Altamont contributor Tim Kerr (ex-Big Boys) has been busy as a bee lately. He just painted a mural on the side of a great thrift shop called Eleven at 11 Prince Street in lower Manhattan, New York. Go in and say hi to Oliver!

Tim also recently scored an interview in Juice magazine and is going on tour in Ireland with the Pine Hill Haints. If you have any friends in Ireland, let them know about the shows and tell them to come up and say hello.

Tim Kerr Ireland Tour 2009

Sunday February 1 - Falcarragh, Donegal
Monday, February 2 - Tinney's, Derry
Tuesday, February 3 - TBC
Wednesday, February 4 - Belfast
Thursday, February 5 - The Pool House, Dublin
Friday, February 6 - Cork
Saturday, February 7 - Kinsale, Cork
Sunday, February 8 - Cork
Monday, February 9 - Baker's Corner, Limerick
Wednesday, February 11 - Session in Bairnes, Battle Bridge, Roscommon
Thursday, February 12 - Roisin Dubh, Galway
Friday, February 13 - Marina Hotel, Leitrim
Saturday, February 14 - Transformer, Dublin