Altamont Spring 2009 Collection
Featuring No Age, Boogie and Mike Jones.
Author: garry
Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Check out the brand-new Altamont Spring 2009 Collection, featuring:

No Age for Altamont

Punk, art, noise, pop, Los Angeles, DIY, skateboarding, the Smell, Randy, guitars, Dean, drums. First they told you to get hurt. Now they want you to get well soon. The artists featured in this exclusive collection of t-shirts (shown below)--Hisham Bharooca, Sam McPheeters and Matthew Thurber--were selected by No Age and given a loose theme based around the progressive power of healing. Remember, kids, as Nietzsche famously said, "That which doesn't kill you only makes you way radder." Go ahead and get broke, but get up and get better soon, motherfuckers!

Hisham t-shirt
Matthew t-shirt
Sam t-shirt
Tour t-shirt

Boogie for Altamont

Boogie started photographing rebellion and unrest in his hometown of Belgrade, Serbia in the early '90s. His first book, It's All Good, documents gang members and drug addicts in Brooklyn, New York. His first child, daughter Maya, was born in 2007, and is the most photographed baby in the world. Boogie lives and works in Brooklyn and the world.

Crack Gun t-shirt
Eye t-shirt
Good Rat t-shirt
Rounds tote bag
Solid Pitbull hood
Stroll hood

Mike Jones.

Mike Jones for Altamont

Applying his shit-kicking Midwest upbringing to the no-nonsense approach of the East Coast, Brooklyn-based artist Mike Jones has subtly infiltrated the apparel world with his bold graphic style. His clients include Mishka, Mighty Healthy, Reason Beautiful / Decay, SHQ, Mad Decent, Kid Robot, and now Altamont. Mike's graphic work embodies a diverse array of styles and draws on his fondness for crass humor, tits and ass, loud music and cartoon mutants. Currently, he can be found drawing pictures, drinking beer and keeping it thrill.

Greetings, Altamont t-shirt
Greetings, Brixton t-shirt
Greetings, Inglewood t-shirt
Greetings Kingston t-shirt
Greetings cap

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