Kurabo Denim Contest!
It ends on February 6, 2009.
Author: garry
Friday, January 9, 2009

Founded in 1888, Kurabo is one of the oldest denim mills in the world. Altamont is proud to partner with Kurabo to bring you a line of denim from one of the most experienced spinning, weaving and dyeing denim mills available today.

Just enter your contact info on the contest page for a chance to win the Altamont Kurabo Denim Contest! The winner will receive three pairs of their choice. Pants to choose from include the Altamont Wilshire Selvedge, Altamont Team Fairfax, A. Reynolds Alameda Signature, A. Reynolds Wilshire Signature and B. Herman Wilshire Low Signature. The contest ends on February 6, 2009.