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Slap Online Launch Party!

December 1, 2008 by garry

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Join Slap as they celebrate the launch of their online mag with a group art show featuring all 20 of the artists who have been appeared in their Portfolio profiles: Don Pendleton, Jeremy Fish, Andy Jenkins, Ben Horton, Jason Jessee, Evan Hecox, Todd Bratrud, Michael Leon, Todd Francis, Jason Adams, Chris Pastras, Chris Johanson, Matt Irving, Ed Templeton, Daniel Mansson, Arto Saari, Jai Tanju, Mat O’Brien, Tony Cox and Taro Hirano.

Live entertainment from DJ John Cardiel and The Mumlers, plus the San Francisco re-debut of Stereo’s re-released videos, plus drinks and much more! Saturday, December 6, 2008 at OnSix Gallery, 60th 6th Street, San Francisco, California.


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