Snake vs. Mongoose
The most intense and hyped rivalry in the history of drag racing.
Author: garry
Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Snake vs. Mongoose!

The epitome of bad ass.

Snake vs. Mongoose!

This is merely the most awesome photo of anything, ever.

At the end of time, when mankind feels compelled to compile a list of the most classic confrontations in the history of planet Earth, there are a certain handful of dynamic duos that will definitely make the cut. Sixty-five million years ago in the Cretaceous period, Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops engaged in the bloodiest battle of all time. Other ferocious fights for life have gone down throughout the ages--Sperm Whale vs. Giant Squid, and Neanderthal Man vs. Giant Wooly Mammoth are two that immediately spring to mind--yet few have ever been as viciously violent as Snake vs. Mongoose.

Back in the days when men were Gods.

Snake vs. Mongoose!

This animal will eat you alive.

Fast forward to the mid-20th century and the advent of drag racing. Don "The Snake" Prudhomme, who was nicknamed for his lightning-fast reflexes at the starting line, and his arch enemy, Tom "The Mongoose" McEwen, started out racing top fuel dragsters in the early 1960s and '50s respectively. A few years later, they graduated to funny cars and formed the most intense and hyped rivalry in the history of the sport.

The funnest toy ever.

Signature Hot Wheels? No big deal.

These two dudes were so classic, they even earned their very own signature model Hot Wheels in the early '70s, which catapulted them to levels of fame and hero worship enjoyed only by Evel Knievel and Speed Racer. In fact, in 2006, when we were tossing around possible names for Altamont Apparel, a Snake vs. Mongoose homage called Bear vs. Leopard was at the top of our list!

Timeframe: Pre and Post Altamont.

Public Impact: The Snake and The Mongoose are innovative trailblazers and mega-legends in the world of drag racing who set standards that are still being followed today. Although both drivers have retired, The Snake still runs his racing company while The Mongoose sells NHRA, NASCAR and other diecast collectibles. Learn more about The Snake and The Mongoose at Mongoose Racing,
Snake Racing
and Once Upon a Wheel.