Ricky Powell's World Famous Slide Show Gallery
A night of a amazing photography.
Author: garry
Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On Sunday, July 20, 2008, Altamont contributor Ricky Powell descended upon the Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles to exhibit his world famous slide show, presented by Altamont. This is one of the last remaining theatres that still shows silent movies, and amidst the Art Deco styling and the black and white portraits of movie stars from an era long gone, the stage was set for a night of amazing photography.

Ricky put on a sick show with a mixture of flicks including hip-hop icons such as Run DMC, Eazy-E, LL Cool J and The Wu-Tang Clan; raw street photography from New York City, and screens from early '60s TV shows like The Munsters. Every photo was presented with an interesting backstory with the Rickster getting more and more hyped as the night went on.

After the slide show concluded, everyone chilled on the patio with free beer provided by Newcastle. Ricky gave away some limited-edition Altamont bags and showed off his custom pieces. We all hope he comes back for another show in the future. Shit was ill, son!--Foxxyz

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