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Neck Face Speaks?

July 1, 2008 by garry (15 MB) iPod-friendly
Filmed by Dustin Dollin

Neck Face speaks? Yeah, in tongues...with a little toenail torture thrown in for bad measure.

"Best-ever soundtrack to a skate video clip!"--Satan


  1. said (5 years ago)

    what did i just watch?

  2. said (5 years ago)

    FINALLY! So glad to see that toenail cut off galdamit!!

  3. said (5 years ago)

    thats was the most disgusting video iv ever wacthed but neckface is sick

  4. said (5 years ago)

    that was cut.

  5. said (5 years ago)

    beat your kids

  6. said (5 years ago)

    thats a pretty lookin toenail

  7. said (5 years ago)

    Just loves he's art! i've got A+ in art in my school because i started to draw neck faces^^

  8. said (5 years ago)

    that toe nail shit was gnarly

  9. said (5 years ago)

    wats the big fuckin deal about his toenail thats happend to plenty, toes and fingers.
    damn i love his artwork..... hail satan

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