Help Johnny Romano Kick Cancer!
A young skateboarder in Texas is fighting for his life.
Author: garry
Thursday, June 26, 2008
Help Johnny Romano Kick Cancer!

Right now, while you fret about the cost of gas, your plans for the weekend or whatever “important” deadlines you might have, there’s a young skateboarder in Texas named Johnny Romano fighting for his life. And right now, the collective whole of skateboarding has banded together more tightly than ever to help Johnny beat cancer, for the second time.

Our friend Jim Thiebaud, Vice President of Deluxe, met Johnny about three years ago at the annual Make-A-Wish skate jam in Houston, Texas. But it wasn’t just Johnny’s skating that moved Jim, it was his determination, strength, inspiration and positive attitude, despite the fact that this seven-year-old boy had a life-threatening cancer, that made Jim turn him pro for Real. Yes folks, there’s more to skateboarding and being pro than skill on a skateboard and marketability.

Shortly after, Johnny, the youngest pro skateboarder in history, defeated his cancer and was able to roll like a normal kid again and we were all very happy. Unfortunately, just recently, Johnny’s cancer has returned. Now 10 years old, he is currently in ICU and getting daily email, video and photo messages from skateboarders around the world, as well as visits from the pros.

You can be a part of it all! Every little bit helps, but it’s about more than money. It’s love and support that has kept Johnny strong over the years, as well. Read more of his story at Deluxe and Rob Brink's site. Send Johnny a message and donate money; or blood and bone marrow, if you match his type. Because if skateboarding loses Johnny, it loses a piece of its heart.