Altamont Fall 2008 Collection
Featuring Street-Walkin' Cheetah, Ricky Powell, Scary Faces, Neck Face and The Goat!
Author: garry
Thursday, June 5, 2008
Check out the brand-new Altamont Fall 2008 Collection, featuring:

Altamont Fall 2008 Collection

Street-Walkin' Cheetah Collection

Cougar Cap
Lineman Hoody
Lineman Jacket
Lineman Raglan
Lineman T-Shirt

Altamont Fall 2008 Collection

Ricky Powell Collection

Brickwall T-Shirt
Former Student Hood
Former Student T-Shirt
Keith & Andy Hood
Keith & Andy T-shirt
Train Tracks Cap
Two Chicks Melting T-Shirt

Altamont Fall 2008 Collection

Scary Faces Collection

Scary Faces Cap
Scary Faces Hood
Scary Faces T-Shirt

Altamont Fall 2008 Collection

Neck Face

The Goat T-Shirt

Also, don't miss the loads of other brand-new beanies, denim, hats, hoods, jackets, knits, pants, shorts, sweaters, t-shirts and wovens in the Altamont Fall 2008 Collection! Choose your favorites right now and buy 'em down at your favorite local stockist.