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The Citizens For Interplanetary Activity

May 22, 2008 by garry

The Citizens For Interplanetary Activity was an obscure San Francisco band founded in 1966 whose only known output was a soundtrack recorded in New York in September, 1967 for a 23-minute underground experimental film by Jud Yalkut called Kusama’s Self-Obliteration. Never released before outside of the film, it’s quite fortunate for bedroom heads everywhere that Jud decided to have this lost swath of spontaneous sound pressed onto an LP in 2001.

Right at the start, some wildly oscillating tremolo bar guitar is abruptly cut-out by a sustained atmosphere of held vocal tone, droning organ, solemn muttering, splashing water, Middle Eastern-influenced guitar, bass, percussion and really deep piano rumble. This all eventually coalesces seamlessly into a huge ball of dissonance and on into an array of staggered, clouded, almost rock. A huge room full of darkly stoned murk is maintained with total ease.

Fortunately, this unique, beautiful moment that had been lost in the immensity of time was finally rescued for our enjoyment. An LP side’s worth of music is repeated on both sides—all wrapped-up in a lovely, full-color, paste-on cover of a hand splattering red paint in a puddle, plus a sheet of notes inside.

Timeframe: Pre-Altamont.

Public Impact: Since the band never toured or released any records, their impact upon the public was limited to the lucky few who saw 'em live in San Francisco, or viewed Jud's original film; and to the perhaps even fewer folks who picked up the super limited-edition LP described above upon its brief appearance in the year 2001. But, at least you can be impacted right now by simply downloading the track at Rapid Share!

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