Altamont in Am Issue!
Slash, Kenny and Theotis score a lil' coverage!
Friday, May 9, 2008

Hot off the presses! Altamont contributors take the July 2008 Am Issue of TransWorld Skateboarding by storm! First up, Kenny Hoyle teaches you how to pop a pop shove-it crooked grind in the How To section. Not to be outdone, Sir Theotis Beasley hardflips down a big set in the Sightings photo gallery. Third and certainly not least, Brian Hansen scores max covey as a Guest Reviewer of the Month in the Volume section and busts a big ol' front board in Sightings. As if all that weren't enough, be sure to peep the brand-new Altamont 2008 team photo in our ad. Pick up a copy today!