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Celebrities Love Altamont!

March 12, 2008 by garry

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There's been a flurry of sightings lately of celebrities donning Altamont Apparel, including Justin Timberlake, Lukas Miller (son of vert style wizard Chris Miller) and Robert Downey Jr. Everybody loves Altamont!


  1. said (6 years ago)

    That really upsets me.
    I thought Altamont was about core skateboarding not "Hollywood Hunks"!

  2. said (6 years ago)

    Iron Man rockin' the Altamont? Hell nice!

  3. said (6 years ago)

    cant hate on Altamont!

  4. said (6 years ago)

    Lukas miller slays!

  5. said (6 years ago)

    everyone loves Altamont

  6. said (6 years ago)

    jt is sick

  7. said (6 years ago)

    zode, Altamont can't control who buys their gear. People like good stuff!

  8. said (6 years ago)

    so gay.

  9. said (6 years ago)

    What the fuck!? Sad enough to see those fuckers in skateboarding clothes but to show them "proudly" is too much. Keep skateboarding hardcore!!!

  10. said (6 years ago)

    would you motherfuckers shut you mouths... jesus crist.... if your so fucking concernd about "core skateboarding" and shit then why did you bother reading this....

  11. said (6 years ago)

    celeb blogging is slightly suspect, aka "curious?"

  12. said (6 years ago)

    andrew is a sell out !!! celebrity shit fuck that fake world

  13. said (6 years ago)

    j timberlake is so gay ! ! !

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