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If you're in San Francisco anytime in the next month, go check out a skate art show called There is Xerox on the Insides of Your Eyelids at Needles & Pens curated by my friend Rich Jacobs. It's number 15 in a series of art shows that he organizes called Move, and explores the original wave of 1980s skate zines and Xerox art, featuring Garry Davis (Skate Fate), Tod Swank (Swank Zine), Thomas Campbell (Joke), Chris Johanson (Karmaboarder), Andy Jenkins (Bend), Bernie McGinn (Tiki), Kevin Wilkins (7 Zine), John Dettman aka John Lytle (Naughty Nomads), Mark Waters (408), Rich Jacobs (Skate Edge), Jocko Weyland (Elk, Revenge Against Boredom, author of The Answer is Never), Dennis Remsing (REM), Dan Esabrook (Contort), Tim Kerr (Big Boys), Chris Shary (Burly Obsession), Ron Cameron (Dope, Skate Slate), Mofo (Thrasher), Rodger Bridges (Grim Ripper, Powerhouse, Dancing Skeleton) and more.

Needles & Pens

3253 16th Street (between Guerrero and Dolores)
San Francisco, California 94103
Phone (415) 255-1534
Open daily from 12:00 noon - 7:00 pm.


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