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Email of the Day: November 26, 2007

November 26, 2007 by garry

andrew reynolds is awsum but everyone at my school thinks his a posser and i get beat up for wearing his stuff what should i do

--logan h.


You're not getting beat up for rocking Reynolds clothes, you're getting beat up for saying things like "his a posser." Ha-ha. So, wise-up and stop acting like a punching bag.

--Altamont Help Desk


  1. said (6 years ago)

    It would be sick if you guys made Altamont slippers.

  2. said (6 years ago)

    too bad they dont that would be f*ckin awesome!!!


  3. said (6 years ago)

    hahahahhaha. for real. stop acting queer, that might help.

  4. said (6 years ago)

    that kids a poser, stop wearing all of reynolds shit and find your own style

  5. said (6 years ago)

    ive skated in a lot of differnt brands of clothes and crap but nothen ive worn compares to altamont. its lk the most comfortable stuff evr. i love it. i lik bryan hermans pants the best. ima go n buy some more this weekend. keep doin what you doing over there and keep skaten

  6. said (6 years ago) are you like, 6 years old? Learn to spell or mabey just stop talking. That might help on the whole getting beat up thing.
    But yeah, Altamont slippers would be dope. Mabey socks too, or do they have those out now?

  7. said (6 years ago)

    it's "maybe" not "mabey" so "maybe" you should learn to spell before you criticize others.

  8. said (6 years ago)

    haha. that made my day

  9. said (6 years ago)

    he didn't say that reynolds was a poser, he said he thinks reynold's is awsum, but people at his school beat him up for wearing reynolds stuff. Instead of making fun, just read

  10. said (6 years ago)

    Yeah, Omar's right. He probably even thinks Reynolds trully the Boss... I don't know how come so many people here haven't understood that before, don't just start criticizing others.

  11. said (6 years ago)

    why do you need altamont socks? just for posing? or do you think they could be more comfortable than cheaper socks?

  12. said (6 years ago)

    Altamont, I own a lot of your gear but no pants becuase at all retailers I'm at they have my waist size but never with the right length. I need 32" by 32" but only seem to be able to find 32" by 30".

  13. said (5 years ago)


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