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Real Fos Skateboard Deck!

September 27, 2007 by garry

Check out this limited-edition deck that Real Skateboards just released featuring the artwork of Altamont contributor Fos. They only made 500 of 'em, so you better grab one before they're all gone!


  1. said (6 years ago)

    fos is so sick i got his emerica tee

  2. said (6 years ago)


  3. said (6 years ago)

    Fos has some pretty nice graphics, i his style is amazing. I bought his "gnarglye" tee--i wear it all the time

  4. said (6 years ago)

    damn that is sick...

  5. said (6 years ago)

    His art is so sick I took and recreated his Gnargyle(you guys) and Paisley(Heroin skateboards) designs on my school planner

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