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New Jack: Garrett Hill

August 23, 2007 by garry

Crack open a copy of issue number 42 of The Skateboard Mag to page 32 and feast your eyes upon the long-ass, in-depth eight-page New Jack am interview with Altamont contributor Garrett Hill, featuring the superb lens work of Atiba Jefferson. Sweet deal.


  1. said (6 years ago)

    garrett's awesome. he's intimidating in person though. so tall...

  2. said (6 years ago)

    well, i think about him... control

  3. said (6 years ago)

    I met Garret, he is about 2 inches shorter then I am. But I'm 6' 5'' so, but yeah...he ripped at that demo

  4. said (6 years ago)

    Garett's awesome (I just met him at today's active burbank signing)- not just skating but his personality too. read he interview and find more about him.oh by the way- he's PRO now!!! SK8 ON GARRETT!!!

  5. said (6 years ago)

    hes a playa

  6. said (6 years ago)

    antes de salir a patinar tengo que ver patinar a garrett hill, es my inspiracion verte-- eres el mayor

  7. said (6 years ago)

    and he finally just went pro for zero congrats to him

  8. said (6 years ago)

    yea! garrett's pro and hes awesome TIGHT PANTS RULE!

  9. said (6 years ago)


  10. said (6 years ago)

    wery well, guys

  11. said (6 years ago)

    Garret is my favorite skater, I'd like to gte something from him if that is possible like one of his old shoes signed by himself..

  12. said (6 years ago)

    garrett hill is the best skater he the BEST

  13. said (5 years ago)

    garrett hill is freaking awsome he is a best but the good kind of beast he is a beast o his boad ((((((((( i wish he would come to atlanta giorgia sk8 park next weekk that would be awsome cause i am going to b there and woodys sk8 park in savana tat right there wold rock cause he is like i said a freaking beast on his board))))))))))))!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. said (4 years ago)

    garrett rips. tall skaters always rip. and we get the chicks.

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